Trade (6th year)

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SubjectsClass periods
Natural sciences1
Philosophical subjects2
Physical Education2
Applied informatics / Dactylo3
Business Economics2
Economic Geography1
Seminar economy1
Total number of class periods per week36

Lesson tables subject to change.

About this discipline

Supermarkets are waging a price war, unwanted advertisements appear on every internet page, you are obliged to view advertisements, you are handed a flyer on the street… Businesses seem to have become involved in a boxing match in which every customer is fought! Will only the heavyweight category survive? Are big chains taking over everything? Is there no room left for a small-scale business? Sure and sure!

Companies come and companies go, but how can your company survive among all the others? Every year, thousands of companies and businesses are started in our country. Do you want to become one of them? Do you want to know why you shouldn’t be afraid of every new competitor that pops up? How can you keep everything under control financially? How can you neatly pour everything into an accounting? Then choose the direction Trade. We look for your “unique selling point”.


This course is aimed at pupils who have a practical insight but can also assimilate fairly large amounts of theoretical material. The student is interested in studying languages, has to be able to work independently and rigorously and, finally, has to have a sense of initiative. After this study you are ready for the labour market or you can advance to a professional bachelor. Possible studies are: Business management: Accountancy-taxation, Marketing, Office management, SME management, Logistics management and Legal practice.

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