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SubjectsClass periods
Natural Sciences1
Philosophical subjects2
Physical Education2
Touristic Culture2
Applied Computer Sciences1
Touristic Organisation2
Toeristische ruimte2
On-the-job learning7
Total number of class periods per week36

About this discipline

The course in tourism offers you a broad education: from guide to travel planner. You will impress a group with what you know about the Mona Lisa in the Louvre, but you will also learn how to organise the perfect trip and how to administrate a travel file. Would you like to turn your backpack into a suitcase? Good news: your boarding card for the tourism course is ready.

In the tourism course, you go exploring yourself, but you also learn to show other ‘explorers’ the way. A night in a tree house, dinner in an igloo? Swimming among the sharks or chilling out in a seven-star hotel? You can make it happen! The guide to visiting the Burj Khalifa in Dubai? That’s you! A VIP package at Tomorrowland? You are the one to book it! Your enthusiasm knows no bounds; you warm up the biggest homebody to leave for an exotic holiday destination.

Learning doesn’t only take place at school, but also in a museum, a city or a hotel. Another icing on the cake? During your studies you will often travel. You can even do an internship in Europe!

Last call! Time to check in …



Who doesn’t want to find out on the spot whether a smoss has been invented on the Sandwich Islands? You want to look for Easter eggs on Easter Island? Do you think there are Burger Kings on the McDonald Islands? You get it: you were born with a travel bug.

You have a talent for language and you want to learn to speak, write, listen and read in French, English, German and Spanish.

Teamwork and organisation: you like it!

After this study programme, you will be ready for the labour market or you can advance to a professional bachelor. Possible studies are: Hotel Management, International Tourism and Leisure, International Business Management, Tourism and Recreation Management and Public Relations.


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