Reception, Organization, Sales en Logistics (5th year)

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Office Management5
Applied Computer Sciences / Dactylo5
Applied Computer Sciences2
Applied Economics: Law2
Introduction to International Trade2
Philosophical subjects2
Physical Education2
Total number of class periods per week36

About this discipline

The GO! Koninklijk Atheneum Antwerpen wants to explicitly link employment within the port of Antwerp with the economic fields it offers. After all, we note that youth unemployment in Antwerp is extremely high (over 15%) while there is a shortage of well-trained administrative and logistics personnel in and around the port of Antwerp. With this course, we are building a bridge between our educational offering and the logistics (and maritime) world. The courses in the third degree will be specifically logistical (and maritime).

In the ‘Organisation & Logistics’ course in the second degree of labour finals, the focus is on;

  • communication skills in Dutch, French and English,
  • digital skills (ICT) and
  • practical skills.

The programme ‘Reception, Organisation and Sales’ is a programme in “arbeidsmarktgerichte finaliteit”. It builds on and deepens the knowledge and skills of the programme ‘Organisation & Logistics’. Students learn skills that are important in customer service & sales and in reception & administration.

In this direction, we focus on and deepen

  • communication skills in Dutch, German, English and French,
  • functional digital skills (ICT),
  • (administrative) support of the customer journey and
  • product knowledge in function of customer-oriented action.


Pupils have obtained one or more vocational qualifications after finishing the 6th year. Based on these vocational qualification(s), entry into the labour market is possible. Pupils can also opt for a vocationally oriented Se-n-Se education, whereby they can obtain one or more additional vocational qualifications that offer them additional opportunities on the labour market. Finally, pupils can also opt for Se-n-Se training as preparation for higher education (bachelor’s programme).


This field of study is aimed at pupils interested in executive work in the administrative and commercial services sector. Writing and speaking languages correctly are important skills. Moreover, you have a sense of order and can work independently as well as in a team. After this course of study, you will be ready for the job market and can enter the logistics (and maritime) administrative world.

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