Organisation and Logistics

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ClustersSubjectsClass periods 3rd yearClass periods 4th year
LanguageLearning and Communicating99
Dutch (general + functional communication 3+1)44
French (general + functional communication 2+1)33
English (general + functional communication 2+1)22
HumanLiving Together and Understanding the World44
Philosophical subjects22
Applied Computer Science10
Art and culture01
PAVGeneral Subjects Project66
General Subjects Project66
SportsHealthy Living22
Physical Education22
Specific SubjectsOrganisation and Logistics1111
Professional qualifications
Practice Firm: Applied computer science and dactylo33
Practice firm: Administration32
Practice firm: Reception, sales and sales33
Practice Firm: Logistics23
TALENTExplore, deepen and strengthen22
Language workshop11
Total number of class periods per week3434

About this discipline

If you are communicative, prefer practical training and would like to carry out administrative tasks, then you are in the right place. Because we focus on three elements in the direction “Organisation and logistics”:

  • communication;
  • administration;
  • practical experience.

You will develop your communication skills in Dutch, French and English, so that you are strong at the first contact in the customer journey and in sales. At the Atheneum, you will also be given a special ‘language workshop’ in which the further development of language skills is tailored to the student.

The fourth ‘language’ is digi-language. You practise digital skills that will enable you to get straight to work later in the job market. Language skills and digital knowledge are two strong qualities that are highly sought after in the labour market. To prepare you properly for this labour market, the third focus is on practical experience. You will not only learn theory, but also a lot by doing. During practical workshops, you will master all the necessary skills.

So – if you are communicative, sociable and flexible – and you do not want to sit behind a desk all the time, then the programme ‘Organisation and Logistics’ could be the programme for you!



After finishing the fourth year in organisation and logistics,  you can choose between the specialisations ‘Logistics’ and ‘Organisation, reception and sales’ in the fifth year.

At the GO! Koninklijk Atheneum Antwerp you can choose ‘Organisation, reception and sales’ in the third degree. This direction has a logistics & maritime content to meet the needs of the labour market in and around the port of Antwerp.

The direction ‘Organisation and logistics’ is a “arbeidsmarktgerichte finaliteit”. So after the third degree you can start working straight away. Do you want to continue studying? Then you should take a specialisation year to prepare you for higher education.



This discipline is aimed at students interested in executive work in the administrative, logistics and commercial services sector. Writing and speaking languages correctly are important skills. Moreover, you have a sense of order and can work independently as well as in a team.


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