Modern Language Studies – Sciences

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SubjectsClass periods
Philosophical subjects2
Physical Education2
Total number of class periods per week33

Class periods are still subject to change.

About this discipline

Do you have a knack for languages? Are you also interested in literature in other languages besides Dutch and do you find it fascinating to think about language itself? Are you curious about how things work or do you like to do research in a laboratory? If you’re unable to just accept reality, but want to understand the science behind it, then the course Modern Language Studies – Sciences is your thing!

During the modern language lessons, you get the opportunity to explore French, English, American and German/Spanish culture by means of film, theatre, advertising, music videos, visual arts, websites… And by keeping a language portfolio, you gain insight into your strengths and weaknesses which in turn will encourage you to take control of your learning process.

In addition, you get a solid training in biology, chemistry and physics. There is plenty of time to thoroughly explore the subject matter and to implement it yourself! Gradually, you’ll develop your critical reasoning and learn lab skills!


The course Modern Language Studies – Sciences is aimed at pupils with a clear preference for languages and sciences who also have a thorough knowledge of mathematics. Pupils have to be able to solve problems independently, look up data and work in teams. The latter is especially emphasised in the science classes, where pupils carry out experiments in small groups. Pupils should be aware that this is a ‘doorstroomrichting’. After these studies, pupils will go on to higher education. Obvious choices are management studies, law, languages, language and literature, speech-language pathology and audiology sciences, journalism, communication sciences, geology…

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