International Trade and Logistics (5th year)

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SubjectsClass hours
Natural sciences1
Philosophical subjects2
Physical education2
Applied informatics / Dactylo3
Business economics2
Economic Geography1
Seminar economics1
Total number of teaching hours per week36

About this discipline

How is it possible that the parcel you ordered online yesterday at 11:59 pm is already at your front door in the morning before you get out of bed? Or how is it possible that Ali Express manages to have a product travel 5000 kilometers, by truck, boat, train… on and off, and that the product is then even cheaper than when you buy it in the shop around the corner? Or how is it possible that the fish that was still swimming in the ocean yesterday, is waiting for you in your supermarket tomorrow, cleaned and packed! Or think about who managed to get those elephants into the Antwerp zoo. Not to mention the fact that you can also track and trace all of that. How is all that possible?

If you also ask yourself these questions and would like to be part of this impressive flow of goods, then International Trade and Logistics is the ideal course of study for you. You learn to organize such flows of goods yourself. How do you handle that? Who do you enlist for that? You are, as it were, a puzzler who can put the whole world together, and get every product, no matter how crazy, in the right place at the right time. And that at a minimal cost!

Did you also know that the Antwerp maritime and logistics world is crying out for people like you? Job offers are up for grabs. You are guaranteed to find the job of your life!

What after this training?

The International Trade and Logistics course is a double finality course of study. This means that after this training you can immediately start in the business world. However, you can also opt for higher studies. There are various choices, ranging from a one-, two- or three-year course (se-n-se, graduate or bachelor). Examples of such courses are the se–se International transport and freight forwarding, a degree in Transport and Logistics or a professional Bachelor’s degree in Supply Chain Management.

Student profile

This field of study is aimed at students who have a practical insight and who can also process fairly large amounts of theoretical material. The pupil has an interest in the study of languages, must be able to work independently and accurately and finally have a sense of initiative. After this course of study you are ready for the labor market or you can move on to a professional bachelor.

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