Human Sciences

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SubjectsClass periods
Additional Dutch1
Human geography1
Philosophical subjects2
Physical Education2
Behavioural Sciences4
Cultural Studies3
Natural sciences2
Total number of class periods per week33

About this discipline

Human sciences shed light on man and society, in the broadest possible sense. We ask questions. How do people behave and why do they behave the way they do? How do we treat each other? How do we think and how do we see things? That is what we want to know. We also learn to look at art. We investigate how people with different opinions live together, here and elsewhere. What forms of government contribute to a stable society? What did history’s greatest thinkers think and who are today’s philosophers? Where do facts end and opinions begin? Our starting point is politics and current affairs. We bring all this knowledge together in our workshop and in exciting projects, at school and beyond.



You are keen to know, are not afraid to turn everything inside out and to reflect on yourself and others. You can handle language and theory. You follow what is going on in current affairs. What is opinion? What is fact? We teach you to read between the lines and see connections.  Open-minded and curious? From this broad basis, we prepare you for your further school career, at college or university. You have a high abstraction capacity and are interested in all aspects of human behaviour. You are interested in art and culture. Possible fields of study include: educational sciences, psychology, sociology, criminological sciences, agogic sciences, communication sciences, art sciences, moral sciences, music, educational sciences, philosophy, political sciences, law, socio-economic sciences, philosophy, …


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