Economic Sciences

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ClusterSubjectsClass periods 3rd yearClass periods 4th year (2024-2025)
LanguageLearning and Communicating1010
HumanLiving Together and Understanding the World66
Applied Computer Science10
Art and culture01
Physical Education22
STEMDiscover and Create98
Natural sciences - Biology11
Natural sciences - Physics11
Natural sciences - Chemistry11
Computer Science10
SportsHealthy Living22
Physical Education22
Specific SubjectsEconomic Sciences46
Economics (general economics and business sciences)46
TalentsExplore, deepen and strengthen11
Total number of class periods per week3233

These class periods are valid for pupils starting in the 3rd and 5th of secundary school. Students entering the 4th or 6th year will still be taught according to the old class periods.

About this discipline

Do you want to know why there is no such thing as free? Your ticket for the tram, your school trip to a trade fair, your appointment at the dentist and your subscription to Basic Fit: it all has a price. A bank asks you for money when you want to borrow money and gives you a little money in return when you save up with them. In the news you sometimes hear the word ‘bribe’. And what about the Messis or Ronaldos who earn astronomical amounts of money? Per minute! Money is everywhere!

You find out how money makes the world go round. You learn where your 20-euro note comes from and where it goes to when you use it to pay. But it doesn’t stop there. The stock market, exchange rates, shares, investments or bitcoins will no longer hold any secrets. The role of the European Central Bank, causes and consequences of international trade wars? You will explain it all in detail.

Do you want to know how the world really works? Enrol in Economic Sciences!


In geography class, you learned that the world revolves around the sun. But the world itself, as you know, revolves mainly around money! And that is exactly what you want to know all about. You like to immerse yourself in the analysis of economic phenomena in order to test the theoretical analyses against reality. For this you need a healthy interest in mathematics and you will also work with figures in the subject bookkeeping.

Economic Sciences is a doorstroomrichting. After the third degree, you continue your studies at college or university (e.g. a Bachelor’s degree in Economic Sciences or Commercial Sciences).

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