Business Organisation (5th year)

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SubjectsClass periods
Natural sciences1
Philosophical subjects2
Physical Education2
Applied informatics / Dactylo3
Business Economics2
Economic Geography1
Seminar economy1
Total number of class periods per week36

About this discipline

Supermarkets are waging a price war, unwanted ads appear on every Internet page, you are obliged to watch advertisements, flyers are thrown at you on the street at random… Enterprises seem to have entered a boxing match where they are fighting for every customer! Will only the heavyweight category survive? Will big chains take over everything? Is there no more room for small-scale business? Definitely and definitely!

Businesses come and businesses go, but how can your business survive among all these others? Every year, thousands of companies and small businesses are started in our country. Do you want to become one of them? Do you want to know why you shouldn’t be afraid of every new competitor that pops up? How can you keep everything under control financially? How can you put everything neatly into accounts? Then choose the Business Organisation track. We will look for your “unique selling point”.

What after this programme?

The course in Business Organisation is a “dubbele finaliteit” study. You can start working immediately. If you do not yet consider yourself sufficiently armed to start a business, you will have received a sufficient basic education anyway to immediately step into the business world and start working as a self-employed person or as an employee.

You can also opt for higher studies. A bachelor’s degree such as Business Management (with various options within this) is in line with the study of Business Organisation. Various graduate programmes are also possible.

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