Biotechnological Sciences

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ClustersSubjectsClass periods 3rd yearClass periods 4th year
LanguageLearning and Communicating1010
HumanLiving Together and Understanding the World66
Philosophical subjects22
Applied Computer Science10
Art and culture01
STEAMDiscover and Create98
Computer Science10
SportsLiving Healthy22
Physical Education22
Specific SubjectsBiotechnological Sciences56
Natural sciences33
TALENTExplore, deepen and strengthen11
Total number of class periods per week3333

About this discipline

Electric Tesla cars that cross the city silently, a landing on Mars, covid vaccines, AI or 5G … Developments that only come about through cooperation between different disciplines. An interdisciplinary approach, we call it. Do you like looking for creative solutions to tackle climate change or overpopulation? Do you like to think about answers to traffic congestion or the unequal distribution of food? Put on your lab coat and register! The flasks and petri dishes are waiting for you!


Biotechnological Sciences is your thing! In this course, you immediately put the theory you have learned into practice. We offer you not only extra class periods in natural sciences, but also an extensive STEM package. This gives you the opportunity to carry out research in our labs. STEM challenges you to approach problems from different angles!



Nature amazes you time and again and you are looking for clear answers. A scientist is curious and eager to learn. Do you have the ability to work systematically and accurately? Do you take the time to analyse things in detail? Then perhaps you are a new Newton (you know, the one with the apple) and this discipline is for you!


Biotechnologische Sciences is a doorstroomrichting. The course is aimed at a continuation of higher education, not at the labour market.


We want to train students of our scientific disciplines to become the scientific entrepreneurs of tomorrow. Entrepreneurs who are confronted with the benefits and challenges of globalisation. That is why we are proud of the European recognised STEM label ‘PROFICIENT’. It guarantees our science students that they will receive STEM education tailored to their needs in a modern, active, inspiring, and pioneering way in close collaboration with Antwerp’s business community.

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