7 TSO – International Transport & Logistics (Secondary – post-secondary)

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SubjectsClass periods
Applied Computer Sciences3
Logistics Fieldwork2
Economic geography: world trade and organisations2
Internship5 weeks
Total number of class periods per week31
Applied Computer Sciences3
Logistics Fieldwork2
International Transport10
Economic geography: trading partners and transport routes3
Internship5 weeks
Total number of class periods per week32

About this discipline

Did you know that the logistics sector in Belgium accounts for more than 120,000 jobs? And that the port of Antwerp generates almost 150,000 jobs?

Logistics is everywhere! Just think of the supermarket, where you find all kinds of tasty products like coffee from Ethiopia, kiwis from New Zealand and bananas from Colombia. In chain shops such as H&M and Zara, you will find fashionable garments with labels “Made in Bangladesh” or “Made in Turkey”. And that mobile phone you bought in Mediamarkt wasn’t not made in Belgium, but probably somewhere in China or Japan. The world is a small place!

Are you looking for a short training course combined with practical experience? Are you fascinated by the world of logistics? Then choose this specialisation year!

During this one-year course, you will receive a thorough grounding in order to be able to work in administration in the broad logistics sector. You will practise your language and digital skills, master the basic principles of customs and transport legislation and build up a solid basis of logistical knowledge! Moreover, you can obtain additional certificates, such as the VCA certificate and the certificate ‘International Maritime Dangerous Goods’ in cooperation with AP University College.

The two five week-internship periods are essential, because that is when you learn to put your knowledge into practice. You also get the chance to do a six-week international work placement thanks to our Erasmus+ project! This is an extra advantage on the labour market!


Our secondary-to-secondary (se-n-se) international transport and logistics course is a specialisation for young people who already have a secondary school diploma and want to specialise further.

  • A basic knowledge of French and English is required. Notions of German are recommended.
  • You like working with computers.
  • You have an interest in transport and logistics.


ITL is the ideal starting point for those who want to begin working in the sector right away or for those who want to better prepare themselves for higher studies such as a graduate course in transport and logistics or a bachelor’s degree in logistics management.

  • With this diploma, you can get exemptions for the Bachelor’s Degree Programme in Logistics Management at AP University of Applied Sciences.
  • You can obtain the additional certificates ‘International Maritime Dangerous Goods Code’ and ‘Basic Safety VCA’. The Atheneum Antwerp organises this course in cooperation with AP University College.


The Antwerp Athenaeum organises this course in cooperation with Logos and AP Hogeschool.
Classes take place at the Koninklijk Atheneum Antwerp.
You can start on 1 September or 1 February.

Would you like to know more about this training?
Mail to info@atheneumantwerpen.be.

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