7 BSO – Logistics and Maritime Administration

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SubjectsClass periods
International Transport3
Logistics fieldwork2
Maritime Logistics Modules3
Physical Education2
Philosophical Subjects2
Total number of class periods per week34

About this discipline

Did you know that the logistics sector in Belgium accounts for more than 120,000 jobs? And that the port of Antwerp generates almost 150,000 jobs?

Logistics is everywhere! Just think of the supermarket, where you find all kinds of tasty products, like coffee from Ethiopia, kiwis from New Zealand and bananas from Colombia. In chain shops such as H&M and Zara, you will find fashionable garments with labels “Made in Bangladesh” or “Made in Turkey”. And that mobile phone you bought in the Mediamarkt is not made in Belgium, but probably somewhere in China or Japan. The world is a small place!

Do you wonder how all those products get to the shops or companies in perfect condition? Would you like to put together a whole route to send a product from here to the other side of the world (or vice versa)? Then choose this specialisation year!

Your language and computer skills will be refined and you will gain a good basic knowledge of transport and logistics. During the internships, you get a taste of what it is like to work in logistics. We also focus on the port of Antwerp, a huge gateway with challenging job opportunities. The work experience you gain during your internship will give you a leg up on the job market!

Would you like to work in this fascinating sector? Then this course is an ideal preparation.


The 7th year of logistics and maritime administration is a specialisation year for students who want to obtain their secondary school diploma.

  • A basic knowledge of French and English is required. A basic knowledge of German is recommended.
  • You like working with computers.
  • You have an interest in transport and logistics.


This course prepares you for an administrative job in logistics. GO! Royal Athenaeum Antwerp wants to make an explicit link between employment in the Antwerp port area and the economic courses the school offers. With these courses we build a bridge to the companies in and around the port of Antwerp, because they are looking for well-trained staff.

After this study you are ready for the labour market or you can continue studying to obtain a professional bachelor in logistics management, office management, international business or something alike.


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