Logistics and Maritime Administration (6th year)

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SubjectsClass periods
International Transport3
Logistics fieldwork2
Maritime Logistics Modules3
Physical Education2
Philosophical Subjects2
Total number of class periods per week34

About this discipline

The GO! Koninklijk Atheneum Antwerpen wants to explicitly link employment within the port of Antwerp with the economic fields it offers. After all, we note that youth unemployment in Antwerp is extremely high (over 15%) while there is a shortage of well-trained administrative and logistics personnel in and around the port of Antwerp. With this course, we are building a bridge between our educational offering and the logistics (and maritime) world. The third-level subjects will also be more specifically logistical (and maritime).

In the course ‘Logistics & Maritime Administration’ in the sixth year, we focus on;

  • communication skills in Dutch, French, English and German,
  • general knowledge in administrative support,
  • digital skills (ICT) and
  • practical skills (internship).

Would you like to get started in this exciting sector? Then this course is an ideal preparation!

What after this programme?

The 7th year of logistics and maritime administration is a specialisation year bso for students who want to obtain their secondary education diploma (school year 2023-2024 and 2024-2025). This programme prepares you for an administrative job in the logistics (and maritime) sector. The Go! Koninklijk Atheneum Antwerp wants to bridge the gap with the companies in and around the port of Antwerp with the ‘Organisation and Logistics’ track, as they are looking for well-trained staff.

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