2B “Opstroomoptie” (Transition class)

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CoursesClass periods
LanguageLearning and Communicating12
HumanLiving Together and Understanding the World5
Philosophical subjects2
Art and Culture2
STEMDiscover and create10
Natural sciences2
Technical sciences2
TalentExplore and Choose5
Project: Discovering your talents2
Project: "Leeratelier" (strenghten-deepen)1
Total number of class periods per week33

* (1) 5h "basis" + 3h differentiation* (2) 4h "basis"+ 1h differentiation

About this discipline

The Schakelklas and the Opstroomklas are preparatory years for pupils who have not been in Belgium for a long time and who may have a learning and language deficiency. They often lack basic knowledge of mathematics, due to a different approach in their country of origin or because it was taught insufficiently.

In these classes pupils will receive a lot of Dutch, extra mathematics and other general subjects. In both transition classes the focus is on project-based, in-depth and reinforced learning.

The Opstroomklas in our school is mainly aimed at pupils who have completed one year of reception class for non-native speakers and who want to transfer to the doorstroom finaliteit or dubbele finaliteit.
The curriculum of the opstroom contains one main objective:
“To achieve the objectives of basic education (the core curriculum) of the A stroom sufficiently.”

The curriculum objectives of the Opstroomoptie include the substantive attainment targets of basic education in the A stroom. (which are different from the attainment targets of the B stroom). In this course the level of education is high as pupils are trained to go to the first year of the 2nd grade doorstroom finaliteit of dubbele finaliteit (freshman year in the U.S. or year 10 in the UK).

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