1B “Schakelklas” (Transition class) and 1B “Schakelklas OKAN”

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CoursesClass periods
LanguageLearning and Communicating13
HumanLiving Together and Understanding the World4
Philosophical subjects2
Art and Culture1
STEMDiscover and Create10
Natural sciences 1
Technical sciences2
TalentsExplore and Choose5
Project: Discovering your talents2
Digital skills1
Total number of class periods per week32

About this discipline

The transition class 1B targets pupils who have not obtained the certificate of primary education because they have not achieved the educational goals of primary education.

The transition class OKAN is a preparatory learning year for pupils who have not been in Belgium for a long time and have learning and language deficits. Often they also lack basic math skills, because they had a different approach or were not given enough math in their country of origin.

In these classes, students still receive a lot of Dutch, an extra package of mathematics but also other general subjects. They also work in projects, deepening and reinforcing.

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