1A with 4h “keuzegedeelte” (electives) + 1h “leeratelier” (enhancing and diversifying your talents or remedial work)

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CoursesClass periods
LanguageLearning and Communicating11
HumanLiving Together and Understanding the world4
Philosophical subjects2
Art and Culture1
STEMDiscover and create11
Natural sciences1
Technical sciences2
Digital Competences1
TalentsExplore and choose7
Discovering your talents4
Strengthen-Deepen 1
Total number of class periods per week33

* 4h "basis" + 1h differentiation

About this discipline

It is quite a step from primary school to ‘ the big school’. Instead of one teacher, you now have several teachers who each teach one or more subjects. When you enter the first year in our school, you will not only learn the familiar subjects like Dutch, French, mathematics,… We also appeal to your other specific talents. We make the transition to secondary education as small as possible and try to create a warm classroom and school climate through cross-curricular theme days/weeks.

In the first year, our pupils receive a basic package of 27 class periods.
For this, we work around 4 large clusters in which the various subjects are contained.

  • Learning and Communicating
  • Living together and understanding the world
  • Discover and create
  • Explore and choose

The remaining 5 hours are used to explore (4h), strengthen and deepen through a ‘leeratelier” (enhancing and diversifying your talents or remedial work) (1h). We offer our students a choice between different modules and try to discover and develop their talents.


The students follow 2 modules, 2 hours per week. We offer the following optional modules:

  •  Economy
  • Artistic training
  • Sciences
  • People and Society
  • Steam

The modules Economics, Artistic Education, Science, and People and Society each have two 5-week periods.
The module  Steam runs throughout the year, and is supplemented by modules from “discovering your talents”. After 5 module weeks, 2 theme weeks follow. During these theme weeks, the teachers work with themes that go beyond the subject matter, such as the environment, poverty, traffic, resistance, social skills, …


GO! Royal Athenaeum Antwerp also offers STEAM in the first degree. STEAM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts & Mathematics. This is for pupils who are looking for more challenges in science, mathematics and programming from their first year. Through inquiry-based learning, we immerse ourselves in the wonderful world of science. The STEAM module runs for an entire school year for 2 hours a week and is supplemented by 2 hours of choice from “discovering your talents”.


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