Digital teaching

In the school year 21-22, we have started using Chromebooks for all our pupils. We focus on innovative education and digital teaching. Every student is required to purchase a Chromebook! A Chromebook is a budget-friendly alternative to a Windows laptop or MacBook. Chromebooks run on the operating system of Google.

Why Chromebooks in the classroom?

A Chromebook is necessary to achieve the curriculum goals at our school. Not only these for digital literacy but also these to achieve specific subject objectives. Moreover, we focus on distance learning and new didactic and interactive work forms. This is how we offer customised education and achieve maximum learning gains for our pupils!

That’s why you can rent or buy a Chromebook at very advantageous prices!
For our students, we offer a quality package at very competitive conditions.

How do you order advantageously?

  • The school code is APDNPM. Surf to
  • Create a personal account via the button ‘Start as a new student’.
    You use the student’s details for this. Only where it is requested, you fill in the data of a parent or guardian.
  • You can choose to buy or hire the device

Of course, you are also free to purchase your Chromebook at a shop of your choice.

How does the payment work?

Payment must be made immediately when placing the order. You can chose between different secure payment methods.

  • If you choose “hire”, you pay a deposit of € 40. Next, you sign a bank mandate for 34 payments of € 10 each. These payments are made monthly and start during the month of purchase. After that, you are the owner of the appliance.
  • If you choose “purchase”, you pay €349 and immediately are the owner of the device.

My Account
If you want to check the order, go to and look under ‘My account’.

Delivery and collection
The device will be delivered to school and will be given to your son or daughter according to the order list.

Questions or help needed?

  • For all questions regarding your order, please contact the customer service of Schoolsupply.
    03 500 95 90 – Mail:
  • Internally, you can contact Patrik Verschueren (Deputy Director) and Tarik van Trigt via smartschool.