The “Onderwijsloopbaanbegeleiding” is a team of teachers who provide extra support to pupils throughout their school career. This team offers tailor-made education at appropriate times and throughout the grades, together with any other teachers they meet on their path, in order to guide the student in his or her choices throughout the educational career and beyond.

In our curriculum for “Onderwijsloopbaanbegeleiding”, we include 3 career competences that are addressed throughout the grades.

  • Horizon expansion of the pupil →Who am I?
  • Self-concept clarification →What can I do?
  • Choice skills →What do I want?

We optimize the flow in education through project days. Internships for primary school students are organized in cooperation with De Pijl primary school in 1st grade.

  1. In 1st grade, we like to discover the students’ talents and thus help them to make the right study choices towards 2nd grade.
  2. In the 2nd grade, we reinforce the ability to choose, since the students already know themselves better and gradually know what they can do. By means of choice assignments with the aid of the ‘Onderwijskiezer’ and conversations with the subject teachers, we see the pupil develop a better concept of himself. This contributes to a conscious choice of study towards the 3rd grade.
  3. In the 3rd grade, we further focus on the development of the student’s own identity. With workshops about their future and ambitions, the students get to know themselves even better in order to ultimately arrive at what they really want: Further education, exploring the labour market, it’s all possible!
    Together with former pupils, professionals from the labour market, role models and the youth work PEP, we inspire the pupils during their entire school career at the Athenaeum of Antwerp.

As you can read, our school has a whole network ready to guide our students throughout their educational career: from toddler to world citizen!