A word of explanation

Athena-syntax is a school programme that gives young people a chance to express themselves creatively and shape their personal philosophical, religious and scientific thinking in the context of advanced intercultural dialogue. Art works as a sublimating factor to make difficult themes negotiable.

Athena-syntax also includes a circle of friends ( formerly VRIKONA ) and contributes to the management of the school’s cultural heritage.
The Athena-syntax project is promoted by the non-profit organisation Athena-syntax: www.athenasyntax.org.


You can lend a hand by becoming a supporting member and/or become a member of Athena-syntax yourself.

Board of Directors: Chairman Rudi Audiens, Vice-Chairmen Mohammed Filali and Chris Krols, Secretary Patrik Verschueren and Treasurer Nicole Siereveld.

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Do you want to become a member of Athena-syntax?Do you want to become a member of Athena-syntax?
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